Laws of the lands!!!!

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Laws of the lands!!!!

Post by Madeline of Valois on Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:40 am


001: You must sign up with the name you are taking no peterjohnson1999 or peterjohnson. More like Peter Johnson.
002: No more than four characters.
003: All members must not interfere in other people's threads unless it is okay with people threading.
004: There is no work count but please give them something to work with.
005: Must use a real celebrity face no stock image or amine. If you do put up a non real celebrity face the image will be taken down. And must post in face claim.
006: You must post at lest one month or your account will be given away.
007: You must have a face before posting.
008: You must have a rank before posting.
009: You must post in Character Introductions.
010: If you are making up some that is linked to someone an actual historical person if they are on the site you must ask them first and if they are not we think it is best to wait until the person comes on like if your a made up kid.

More to come so keep checking.


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